The Best & Worst Met Ball Dresses In Recent History

    2013's annual Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala is May 6th. Here are some of the most fabulous -- and fug -- dresses from years past.

    BEST: Scarlett Johansson in Calvin Klein, 2004

    WORST: Kristen Stewart in Balenciaga, 2012

    BEST: Beyoncé in Givenchy, 2012

    WORST: Frieda Pinto in Chanel, 2011

    BEST: Sarah Jessica Parker in Alexander McQueen, 2006

    WORST: Mischa Barton, 2008

    BEST: Emma Watson in Burberry, 2010

    WORST: Alicia Keys, 2003

    BEST: Solange Knowles in Rachel Roy, 2012

    WORST: Kate Bosworth in Valentino, 2010

    BEST: Gisele Bundchen in Versace, 2008

    WORST: Florence Welch in McQueen, 2012

    BEST: Naomi Watts in Stella McCartney, 2010

    WORST: Victoria Beckham, 2003