19 Meals Every Vegetarian Has Suffered Through

    *grimace emoji*

    1. The Portobello Mushroom

    2. The $12 Restaurant Boca Burger

    3. The Three Butternut Squash Raviolis

    4. When You Order The Expensive Fish Dish Without The Fish And They Still Charge You The Original $32

    5. The "I Picked The Pepperonis Off For You" Pizza

    6. The Quickly Improvised Wedding Entrée

    7. The "Gotta Cobble Together Two Sides"

    8. The Fast Food Make-Do

    9. The Veg Option That's Way Richer And Probably Less Healthy Than The Meat Option

    10. The "We Made You A Full Plate Of The Steamed Vegetable Side Dish" Steakhouse Entrée

    11. Attack Of The Starches

    12. The Dry Falafel

    13. The "Well, There's Only One Token Vegetarian Entrée So I Guess I'm Getting That"

    14. The "My Dinner Is Mostly Dessert"

    15. The Bread Basket

    16. The BBQ

    17. The Cucumber Roll

    18. The "There Wasn't Enough For Me To Eat, So I Got Drunk Really, REALLY Fast"

    19. And The Purse Banana.