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25 Awesome Places To Shop In Your Late Twenties And Early Thirties

Feeling too old for Forever 21 but too young for Ann Taylor pantsuits? Here's a guide to some great clothing stores aimed at people just like you.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Everlane ($)

2. Anthropologie clearance rack ($)

3. ASOS ($$)

With pieces from more than 850 brands ranging from $8 necklaces to $500 designer dresses, British online empire ASOS has something trendy for everyone and every budget. And with everything from sexy Nasty Gal-esque dresses to boyfriend jeans, there's bound to be a style to suit you.

Good for: says one BuzzFeed fan: "Buying like 50 things, getting free shipping, and keeping one."

4. Ann Taylor LOFT ($)

You might've scoffed at Ann Taylor's "younger" brand when you were in college, but if you give it a try now, you'll find tons of great, well-fitting officewear and really great accessories.

Good for: work clothes for even the most conservative office that aren't frumpy pantsuits, because NO.

5. Nordstrom Rack ($)

Where Nordstrom's extravagant prices go to die.

Good for: Free People, designer shoes, Michael Kors bags.

6. ModCloth ($$)

ModCloth's sprawling website offers up a smorgasbord of cute apparel and kitschy housewares. Some of the pieces skew a little juvenile, but you're guaranteed to find some great stuff if you fall down a clickhole. They also have a full range of plus-size apparel.

Good for: Zooey Deschanel dresses. You know what I mean.

7. J.Crew Factory ($$)

Are you a fan of J.Crew who's sometimes allergic to its high price? Scope out the factory store, which has all of the preppy charm with about half the sticker shock.

Good for: well-built basics and professional outerwear.

8. All Saints ($$$)

For alums of Hot Topic and Urban Outfitters who still want a hint of edge, All Saints clothes pack a punk punch while still delivering sophistication, even in its graphic tees.

Good for: finally investing in a quality leather jacket.

9. Uniqlo ($)

The grand hall of affordable basics, Uniqlo is a must-stop if you need to make a massive T-shirt and tights haul.

Good for: undershirts and shapewear that don't cost an entire month's rent.

10. Boden ($$)

Well-made British prepwear. Pro tip: Wait for its huge sales.

Good for: loafers and sundresses. Cheerio!

11. Target ($)

You might forget to shop the women's section at Target when you're busy picking up Brita filters and mailing tape, but scope out the Merona and Mossimo brands and the occasional designer collaboration. Its shoe collection also features a regular rotation of trendy footwear.

Good for: Sometimes you just NEED a $19.99 sundress.

12. Need Supply ($$)

This Virginia-based retailer, which boasts a hint of a skater/punk vibe, is perfect for when you want to adopt a version of the latest trends that don't involve neon and metallic fringer.

Good for: patterned pants and grown-up things to wear to shows.

13. Of a Kind ($$$)

Sort of like a curated Etsy for fashion, Of a Kind handpicks up-and-coming designers and features their wares on its site, one at a time. It's definitely a good place to go if you crave something original, as opposed to that H&M frock you'll inevitably see on a dozen other girls.

Good for: that statement top that everyone will ask where it's from.

14. Aritzia ($$)

Canada's beloved boutique, which stocks quality clothes for cool NYU types, has stores in several U.S. cities and is now available worldwide, thanks to online shopping.

Good for: army jackets and minimalist workwear or schoolwear.

15. Fashion to Figure ($)

Bye, Lane Bryant! Fashion to Figure sells clothes aimed at sizes 12–26 in designs that are actually on trend.

Good for: the Torrid graduate.

16. New York & Company ($)

You may have passed by New York & Co. at the mall lately, but next time you spot one, go in: You'll find a cute variety of workwear aimed at women your age. You can wear pretty much everything sold here to even the most staid of offices.

Good for: when you find Ann Taylor a little too intimidating.

17. Humble Chic ($)

A NYC-based boutique that has new arrivals every week and aims to appeal to a luxurious shopper without breaking the bank. They have a really classic feel and all the basics.

Good for: when you need classic pieces, and a ton of accessories.

18. Sosie ($)

Sosie caters to a lot of different styles by getting inspiration from emerging designers.

Good for: comfy stylish clothes.

19. Madewell ($$)

Madewell is owned by J.Crew but retains way less of that brand's Waspy panache. Think flannels, hipster scarves, and tons of skinny jeans.

Good for: Antropologie lovers who want something a little less twee.

20. T.J. Maxx/Marshalls ($)

If you haven't shopped at a TJ Maxx or Marshalls, get thee there at once for a huge array of name brands at bargain prices, which is perfect if you're trying to emphasize quality over quantity in your wardrobe. It takes some hunting to find what you want, but it'll be worth it when you score a Missoni skirt for $85 (happened to me!).

Good for: when you don't want to pay more than $29.99 for anything.

21. Francesca's ($)

If you still can't wean yourself off Forever 21 prices (we don't blame you), Francesca's is a perfect next step up. Plus, browsing its wares online beats battling those dressing room lines.

Good for: H&M-style clothes that skew a little more grad school than college.

22. Club Monaco ($$$)

Occasionally it's worth nabbing a full-price item from Club Monaco's racks, but our advice is to wander the clearance section, where you can find dresses and silk tops heavily discounted.

Good for: holiday party dresses, anything made of silk.

23. Zara ($$)

Zara is the be-all and end-all for trendy yet dressy professional attire with a veneer of urban edginess. Order your shoes from them online — there's a much larger range than in stores.

Good for: bold prints, solid dresses, statement trousers.

24. Buffalo Exchange/Plato's Closet/Crossroads ($)

25. COS ($$)

H&M's trendy sister label just became available for online shopping in the U.S. It's a bit pricey, but if you're looking for well-made European-style basics: félicitations!

Good for: crisp trousers, architectural tops.

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