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23 Food Pictures That Will Make You Say "That's Pretty Weird"

Who knew lemons could be so creepy?

1. This really long grape.

2. What's wrong with this lemon???

3. These squiggly leeks.

4. This realllllly large potato chip.

5. This apple that's growing a second apple.

6. This banana-flavored popsicle that you can peel like a real banana.

7. And these grapes that are getting strangled by a grapevine.

8. These chocolate chips that look like little pipes.

9. This rotten tomato that looks like a plastic bag full of tomato juice.

10. This eggplant that looks like an evil tomato.

11. This crazy long marshmallow.

12. And this extra-long Cheerio.

13. This Swedish fish hiding in a bag of Sour Patch Kids.

14. These grapes that taste like cotton candy.

15. This lemon that looks like a carrot.

16. This...whatever this is??? that came in a bag of Goldfish.

17. And this double banana.

18. This larger bread that's considered "American size."

19. This star-shaped cucumber.

20. This ice cream that's scooped in bricks.

21. This brick of Cheeto flavoring that came in the bag.

22. This yogurt that got the expiration date printed on it.

23. And this carrot that never got cut into a baby carrot.