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    19 Things Every Lifelong Vegetarian Will Relate To

    It's hard being a kid who doesn't eat meat, OK?

    1. When new vegetarians talk about how much they miss meat, you're just like:

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    Never really got into it, bruh.

    2. It was SUPER awkward being the kid in class who couldn't eat the hot dog lunch on the field trip.

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    Most teachers got confused — never mind the teasing from your classmates.

    3. You and your parents prayed every kids' menu had a grilled cheese or PB&J on it.

    And not just frickin' chicken fingers.

    4. You've REALLY heard every vegetarian joke in the book.


    Say "But what about bacon???" one more time. Say it.

    5. And your whole life has been spent fending off the "protein" comments.

    Somehow you're still alive after a lifetime of "not getting any protein" because you don't eat meat! Amazing.

    6. And "But you don't know what you're missing!!"


    I don't exactly stay up at night dreaming about steak?

    7. You have literally no idea how to cook meat.

    Are you supposed to...peel the chicken first?

    8. And someone had to explain the whole "how do you want your hamburger cooked?" thing to you.

    Rare, medium rare, medium... It's like a foreign language.

    9. The thought of eating an entire steak makes you feel kind of queasy.

    And, like, might make you actually sick?

    10. When you were younger, you tried to fit in with your meat-eating friends.

    But as you get older, you just care less about not eating the BBQ.

    11. International travel has always been rough for you.

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    Especially when menus are in a different language.

    12. And if you accidentally eat something with meat in it, you can tell RIGHT AWAY.

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    Because it's so unlike anything you ever eat.

    13. You ate a LOT of spaghetti growing up.

    14. And cheese pizza.

    15. And rice. All the rice.

    16. You don't really crave fake meat.

    Even if you don't mind eating it.

    17. You've always felt a special bond with other vegetarians.

    18. When someone assumes you don't eat meat because it's "trendy" not to:

    19. And at the end of the day, you wouldn't have had your upbringing any other way.

    More veggies for all!