35 Pictures Of Olivier Giroud That Will Make You Say "Mon Dieu!"

    Are you ready? Are you sure?

    1. Hello there.

    2. It's time we all took a break from our lives to acknowledge something VERY IMPORTANT.

    3. Which is that there is only literally one reason you should be paying attention to sports right now.

    4. And his name is Olivier Giroud.

    5. HOLD ON A SECOND. That's a very sexy name. Is he French?

    6. Yes. You beaucoup bet he is.

    7. heavybreathingcat.gif

    8. This light is the flash from God's iPhone camera because who wouldn't want a picture of that.

    9. He likes to celebrate goals with piggyback rides.

    10. And some sexy kneeling.

    11. And exhaling.

    12. And flexing.

    13. And hugging.

    14. And, OH GOD, disrobing.

    15. When he falls, he falls like an elegant Greek god.

    16. And he squats with the grace of a thousand squatting angels.

    17. *muffled screaming*

    18. What kind of man can pull off a blue leather jacket? This kind of man.

    19. OK, we need a time out.

    20. Have some water...

    21. ...browse through some reading material...

    22. ...And get into a more comfortable position.

    23. OK, we're back! Did somebody say thighs?

    24. I mean forearms?

    25. I mean... ABS???

    26. OK, and thighs again.

    27. He let this guy baptize himself with his towel.

    28. He's so hot he can actually levitate.

    29. Other times, gravity pulls him closer because who can blame it.

    30. Do you wish you were this awkward vest yet?

    31. Or this trophy?


    33. In conclusion, I think we've all learned something very important today.

    34. Get you a man who will chop you some lumber AND win the Euros.

    35. Byeeeeee.