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Is Solange Actually Beyoncé's Daughter?

LOL, well, that's what some people on the internet think.

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There's a conspiracy theory online that Beyoncé, 31, is actually the mother, NOT the sister, of Solange Knowles, who is 26.

Here's one site.

Here's one person who claims Beyoncé's cousin told her the truth.

Found here.

Found here.

Could it be?

Wait... so in theory, that would mean Beyoncé had Solange when she was 5 years old.

Well, there's a rumor that Beyoncé wasn't actually born in 1981. Someone who claims to work for the Department of Health in Texas supposedly unearthed her birth certificate and claims it has her birth date as 1974.

Which would make Beyonce 38 or 39 today.

The same people also frequently point to Gabrielle Union, who was born in 1972, saying in an interview that she and Beyoncé were friends "as teenagers."

Here's people on MediaTakeOut talking about that.

So the theory is that Beyoncé got pregnant as a teen and the family covered it up by pretending Solange was actually born to Mathew and Tina.

Which would still mean Beyoncé got pregnant at 12 or 13, which is, you know, pretty young.

This would also mean Beyoncé is now a mom of two, and a grandmother (to Solange's 8-year-old son, Daniel).

Obviously, some conspiracy-minded people connect this to a secret society.

OR, maybe it gets weirder. Some people who believe this also think that Tina might be Beyoncé's sister.

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