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    27 Food Truths Only People From San Francisco Understand

    Don't cut us in the Dottie's line, and no one gets hurt.

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    1. It isn't REALLY brunch unless there's a line.

    The longer the line, the better the food. (Pro tip: lines are shorter when it's raining.)

    2. Or bottomless mimosas.

    Twitter: @OolaSF

    Bonus points for bottomless Bloody Marys.

    3. The wings at San Tung make riding the N Judah or selling your soul for street parking worth it.


    4. THIS is not a burrito...

    5. THIS is a burrito.

    Ohhhh yes.

    6. Don't waste time trying to read the tea leaves. Eat them.

    7. This is the world's greatest beer.

    8. Or maybe this is???

    9. Waiting in line for a Mixt Greens salad will eat up your entire lunch break.

    But their salads are totally worth the wait.

    10. Forget turkey: THIS is what you eat for Christmas dinner.

    11. Sometimes it's good to put a little coffee in your whiskey.

    12. The best garlic fries in the WHOLE WORLD are sold at AT&T Park.

    Twitter: @eatingsports

    Access to the fries alone is worth the price of a Giants' ticket.

    13. A Tartine morning bun cures a variety of aches and pains.

    14. Broccoli on pizza is totally a thing, and it's insanely delicious.

    15. The kimchi burritos at HRD might fuck with your stomach, but they’re so good you won’t even care.

    16. Breakfast is best when it's Secret.

    17. How many dumplings are too many? The limit does not exist.

    18. Ex-New Yorkers, PizzaHacker is HERE. FOR. YOU.

    19. It's worth braving the tourists to get some Boudin.

    20. If you think this tastes gross... keep it to yourself.

    21. If you're going to endure hanging out in a hipster park, at least use the opportunity to get hipster ice cream.

    22. Math is hard, but drinking lots of beer in here isn't.

    23. You can get hot cookies and cute undies in The Castro.

    And you know, candy-covered penises.

    24. The bacon fried chicken sandwiches at Bacon Bacon are just as good as they sound.

    Bacon makes everything better.

    25. Nobody does beignets like Brenda.

    26. If you buy a delicious chocolate truffle from this man, you might want to start slowly. Very slowly.

    27. And finally, there's no better way to spend a Friday night than by going Off the Grid.

    Twitter: @sfdotbuzz

    So many good food trucks, so little time!