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30 Dogs You Wish You Knew In Real Life

I would rate all these dogs five stars on Yelp.

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1. This dog who shares your feelings for pizza:

2. This dog that just triumphantly peed at the dog park:

3. This dog who can't EVEN handle this butterfly:

4. This dog who will sleep through the rain just to make sure you have a dry spot:

5. This dog who will just chill out with his jams while he gets groomed:

6. This dog who will wear toilet paper rolls as leg warmers:

7. This dog who will give you an excuse to get a second bowl of cereal:

8. These dogs who are like, "get in, loser, we're going to the park":

9. This dog who will guard you while you poop:

10. This dog who will do anything to make you laugh:

11. This dog who's also defeated by exercise:

12. This bulldog who will keep your Easter dreams alive:

13. This sk8r dog:

14. This dog who's just so totally over it:

15. This dog who will make you bacon for breakfast:

16. This dog with awe-inspiring facial hair:

17. This dog who will defy all odds to bring you a stick:

18. This dog who's exploring her naughty side:

19. This dog who learned how to cat:

20. This dog who knows she woke up like this:

21. This dog who will still use her bed even if she chewed out the insides:

22. This dog who's more of an *indoors* person:

23. This dog who knows his enemies:

24. This dog who WILL find a way to the treats:

25. This dog who appreciates fine art:

26. This dog who's smooth with the ladies:

27. This pug who's protecting himself from the elements:

28. This dog who knows there's no place like home:

29. This dog who will help you build your dream home:

30. And this dog, for OBVIOUS reasons:

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