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    Daily Dougie Just Might Be The Cutest Dog On Instagram

    *clears throat* HOW IS HE SO FLUFFY??????

    Meet Dougie.

    He's a Shih Tzu living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    He's basically a walking ball of fluffy fluff.

    And has the cutest-shaped paws on the planet.

    He LOVES naps.

    Like, loves them.

    He's also very stylish.

    Especially when it comes to socks.

    And he LOVES sticking out his adorable tongue.

    His hobbies include jumping for cats.

    And being cuddled.

    Just like you, he hates exercising.

    Unless he's being carried.

    Or if it involves toys.

    Balls are pretty much OK.

    He's pretty happy just being outside.

    And going on car rides.

    He enjoys making new doggie friends.

    Playing "find the dryer sheet":

    And daydreaming about finding more dryer sheets.

    Want to hang at the hair salon? Dougie's your BFF.

    And of course, he LOVES snacks.

    Like popsicles.

    And whatever this is.


    He does, from time to time, get mad at the cat:

    And at his crate.

    He daydreams about going outside:

    Even his yearbook portrait is cute!

    He's always down for a good snooze...

    But his absolute favorite part of the day... is seeing his human!