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    A Typical Night Studying In 2006

    Fiiiiiiiine, but only after Heroes.

    Wake up from your (long, mid-day) nap. Gross, it's probably time to start studying.

    Ready? You can do this. Take a seat at your desk.

    Fire up your Dell.

    Here we go.


    Highlight something without really knowing why you're highlighting it.

    Wait, this happened????

    Spend a half hour scrolling through Perez Hilton.

    No, it's time to focus! Crank up your fave album in your headphones.

    Write some stuff in your Word document that doesn't make sense, but you'll "edit it later."

    Wait! Your floormate is watching "Heroes."

    Get into a long discussion about whether Hayden Panettiere is annoying.

    Ugh, FINE, you're not getting anything done. Time to hit the library.

    Put on your favorite comfy shoes.

    Load up the school logo backpack you paid way too much for at the bookstore.

    On the way, text your friends to see if they're going.

    Plunk down at one of these. Open a Red Bull.

    Stare at your laptop for awhile.

    Check your email. Ew, so much spam.

    Take some more notes.

    You start wishing you had done this.


    IM your roommates to see if they're coming. One of them sends you a web comic instead.

    AHAHAHAHA this is so funny!


    Put on that other new album you like.

    Delete that weird stuff you wrote earlier.


    Go meet some of your friends in one of these and draw stuff on the whiteboard for three hours.

    Run to the cafeteria to score some really gross food just as it's closing. Steal a cup.

    Chug half of this from the bottle, then remember you have a cup now and use the cup.

    Use this as a plate for a piece of leftover pizza, which you heated up with a blowdryer.

    Decide to see if your psychology professor has any chili peppers.

    Join some more Facebook groups. Look to see if your high school ex has joined Facebook yet.

    Pass out around 3 a.m. using this as a pillow and pretend you're "studying through osmosis."

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