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31 Deeply Unsolvable Mysteries About '90s Hanson

Life is brimming with raw, unanswered questions.

1. Where do you get a suit made of leather?

2. Is that dog in the band?

3. What caused this ferocious Zac Attack?

4. Are all of these the worst answers to any question ever?

5. Where do you get a field of people-sized mutant daisies?

Wait... what is that?

No seriously, what is that.

6. Why didn't Taylor get any sunglasses?

7. Who took away Taylor's Seinfeld shirt?

8. Why didn't Taylor get to wear Adidas racing stripes?

9. What is that thing?

10. What does Isaac want?

11. What do you want, Isaac?

12. Yes, Isaac?

13. Why is this so weird?

14. That can't be real snow, right?

15. Did Zac make it safely to his BMX race in outer space after the show?

16. How do you spell W-E-R-Q?

17. Does that ladder go all the way to heaven?

18. What's over there?

19. Who switched Isaac's guitar when he wasn't looking?

20. What does putting MMMBop on your hand mean?

21. Is Taylor's hand the fourth member of the group?

22. Who can resist the unbeatable combination of midriff and a shearling coat?

23. Is this the best selfie ever?

24. Was Pat O'Brien the real Hanson dad?

25. Did Zac make it to Camp Anawana on time?

26. What is the name for this look?

27. Can you handle the pure handsome magnetism of acid washed pants, a black belt with jeans and a fisherman's knit pullover?

28. Why does this look so much like all of my facial expressions in my prom photo?

29. How much does it cost to get a Thomas Kinkade painting screenprinted onto a button-down?

Brenda Chase / Getty Images

30. How did Isaac's hair get its magical therapeutic powers?

31. Is this the most intense photo you've ever seen in your life?