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    Posted on Apr 19, 2013

    21 Important Style Lessons From Disney Princesses

    Always match your earrings to your pet tiger.

    1. The right dress can make you feel really great.

    2. REALLY great.

    3. Really, REALLY great.

    4. If you want a Cindy Crawford-style beauty mark, you can always DIY it.

    5. Tie your hair up in a topknot to keep it out of the way while you work around the house.

    6. A pair of dainty, dangly earrings will make boys forget all about your crappy table manners.

    7. Bangs are a great way to spice up your look.

    8. And the colors of the wind are the perfect, eco-friendly blow-dryer.

    9. Always try on an outfit before you buy it (or at least dance around with it).

    10. A bow brightens up any bodice. Even if it's not sewn on by magical birds.

    11. ...But probably skip the crown, unless you're a REAL princess.

    12. Always match your earrings to your tiger.

    13. A handkerchief hem bohos-up any look – even if you're royalty.

    14. Get your hair cut before it gets TOTALLY out of control.

    15. If you're still fighting flyaways, though, a scarf can hide any bad hair day.

    16. But a big hair bow will make you look a little...evil.

    17. A red lip is classic.

    18. And no outfit is complete without the perfect shoe.

    19. Tweezing your own eyebrows is fine, but don't do your boyfriend's, because he'll be a total baby.

    20. Always make your man match his tux to your dress.

    21. And remember, it's totally OK to check out your reflection, you gorgeous thing, you.