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    21 Of The Best Things That Ever Happened In A Restaurant

    Four Zagat stars for BEING THE BOMB DIGGITY.

    1. This sign:

    2. This place's comparing of its burritos to babies:

    3. This restaurant that stocked the bathroom during a Mother's Day brunch:

    4. This:

    5. This women's restroom that sets off a loud alarm in the restaurant if someone lifts the white flap, forcing the patron to do a walk of shame back to her table:

    6. This:

    7. This restaurant that gave tired parents a break:

    8. This smoothie:

    9. The expensive restaurant that delivers its checks like this:

    10. This almond flan:

    11. This:

    12. The restaurant that gave someone this when she ordered "nothing" for dessert:

    13. This Mexican restaurant that serves chilled toilet paper:

    14. This restaurant that served a cat:

    15. This ice cream place:

    16. This sassy restaurant:

    17. This:

    18. This trickery:

    19. This rice guy:

    20. This:

    21. And finally, getting desserted: