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    21 Flawless Life Lessons From Summer Roberts

    The O.C. is more than the greatest TV show of all time. It's also a fount of pure Delphic wisdom.

    1. If someone is attractive, there's no use denying it.

    2. ...although, perfection is totally overrated.

    3. If you like someone, take an interest in their hobbies.

    4. Religion is all about unity.

    5. Learn to let go and leave things in the hands of fate.

    6. ...but don't be afraid to hope.

    7. Everyone has suffered the pain of an unrequited crush.

    8. YOLO.

    9. Always be prepared to DIY it.

    10. Have a signature catchphrase if you really want to stand out.

    11. A kick-ass outfit can work true magic.

    12. can an adorable hat.

    13. Pretty much:

    14. The worst person to lie to is yourself.

    15. Pinkie-swears are eternally binding.

    16. ...but sometimes a good threat goes a long way.

    17. Learn to communicate with your body language.

    18. The secret to dating might be this:

    19. But in the end, go with the guy who will make all your dreams come true.

    20. And even though boys are important...

    21. ...ultimately, life is about hunting down your dreams.

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