This is What The World Would Be Like If Men Breastfed

    “I’m gonna whoop your ass in the game, but I’m also gonna whoop you at pumping.”

    Women who breastfeed in public have been the subject of a lot of controversy and criticism. We decided to imagine a world where men breastfed -- would they be the object of the same unfair treatment?

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    If men breastfed, changing rooms might be a lot nicer and they'd have access to a lot more HD sports channels.

    Men wouldn't have to miss a minute of work to pump -- they'd just whip it out and pump right there in a quarterly meeting.

    Milk competitions might spring up everywhere!

    Instead of having to cover up while shopping or out and about, men could just be whipping those milk-producers out all over the place.

    Forget making lactation cookies — they’d be sold in grocery stores so you can focus on your lactation ribs recipe.

    And finally, the logical conclusion of a world where men breastfed: ULTIMATE. BREASTMILK. OLYMPICS.

    Suns out, milk guns out, gents.