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    20 Reasons It Sucks To Be An Introvert

    In list form so we don't have to explain it to people verbally and become exhausted.

    1. You say you've had a big night and people think you're hung over.

    2. People think you're antisocial and shy because you rarely go out.

    3. People insist you communicate with them. Verbally. All the time.

    4. When people think something is wrong because your silent and you're like...

    5. People don't understand that you really are too busy to hang out.

    6. Someone begins a conversation with "how are you?" and you're like...

    7. Your mind is like a radio station that never switches off.

    9. No one else shares your excitement for Myers Briggs.

    10. People expect you to hug them hello and goodbye and you're like...

    11. Having to participate in order to graduate High School.

    12. When you meet someone for the first or fiftieth time and you're like...

    13. When people start talking about an irrelevant topic and ask for your opinion.

    14. When you're not invited out because people think you don't like socialising.

    15. Getting so stressed about a social situation you become too exhausted to go.

    16. Trying to explain where you drifted off to mid conversation.

    17. People mistake your silence for arrogance.

    18. Having to fight for your right to become a cat lady.

    19. Getting caught hanging by the food table at a function and actually having to talk to people.

    20. Having the world think that being an introvert sucks when really...