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    17 Questions From People Who've Never Had Anal Sex

    Excuse our ignorance, boys and girls.

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    1. Does it really feel that good?

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    2. Is it true that you have to poop beforehand?

    3. Does it hurt while it's happening?

    4. And, is it painful to poop afterwards?

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    5. Do you bleed during it?

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    6. Is the sensation different from other types of sex?

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    7. How much lube do you use?

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    8. What do you use if you don't have lube?

    9. Is it true that you can use vaseline instead of lube?

    10. Is there a penis size (or toy size) that's preferable when having butt sex?

    11. Is porn accurate when it comes to portraying butt sex?

    12. Does it feel better if you use toys?

    13. Does it smell bad?

    14. Does butt sex cause long-term pooping problems?

    15. Can you have an orgasm from butt sex?

    16. Is it true that your butthole will get stretched out forever?

    17. And, will this happen?

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