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22 Struggles You'll Recognize If You've Got An Average Body...Whatever That Means

You'd say you've got an "average" body type, but WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!

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1. You can never relate to department store commercials because the models look nothing like you.

What about models who are somewhere in between small and medium, or medium and large, or any other shape imaginable?

3. You spend your days surfing the internet, desperately searching for novel fashion ideas and style advice.

But, alas, no fashion blog or Pinterest board caters to women who simultaneously belong to sizes S, M, and L.


13. Because deep down, you know the delicious, beautiful bliss that is high-calorie food.

When you take that first post-diet mouthful of pasta, all you can think about is how #blessed you are to live in a world filled with such culinary miracles.


15. Speaking of jeans, finding a good pair for your body is nearly impossible.


When they make your butt look fantastic, they look terrible in the front, and vice versa. Tragic.


This post was translated from Spanish.

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