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    19 Women Who Will Inspire You To Grow Your Hair Out Super Long

    The bob may be the ~cool~ haircut of the moment, but long hair will never go out of style.

    1. Her natural color and beautiful waves are swoonworthy.

    2. And she has the perfect ombré.

    3. Her long locks look fabulous with loose waves.

    4. And natural hair looks even prettier.

    5. Let's be honest: Long hair is the best for all those ~extravagant~ hairstyles you've always wanted to try.

    6. You can wear it platinum blonde.

    7. Or even deep purple.

    8. Beach waves? Gorgeous!

    9. A hipster bun looks super ~cool~.

    10. A ponytail is messy but chic.

    11. The classic half pony couldn't be left out.

    12. Curls'll make you the envy of all.

    13. And she let her bangs be the center of attention.

    14. Nothing compares to this adorable high ponytail.

    15. The key to having long, beautiful hair is to keep it healthy.

    16. And to wear it natural, without using too many chemicals that could damage it.

    17. Don't forget to accessorize!

    18. And above all, wear it with lots of confidence.

    19. And let your stellar personality shine through your beautiful, long, luscious, unique locks!

    This post was translated from Spanish.