27 BuzzFeed Employee Faces That You Can Use For Everyday Situations

    As told by images from BuzzFeed New York's holiday party.

    1. When your stomach is rumbling and you think you have to fart so you go for it and it wasn't just a fart.

    2. When you see your ex with their new bae.

    3. When you get to chipotle and the line is out the door.

    4. When you're trying to eat a bagel because you're hungover, but there's only tofu cream cheese left.

    5. When you're bad at flirting.

    6. When you're pooping and thinking about your life choices.

    7. When you find out you're invited to an open bar.

    8. When the struggle is real.

    9. When you're ready to turn up.

    10. When you don't get the joke.

    11. When you're trying to be sexy, but you're too drunk.

    12. When you're really feeling yourself.

    13. When you're feeling constipated.

    14. When you're trying to be fabulous, but you have something in your eye.

    15. When you're like, "¡Ay Dios mío!"

    16. When you're feeling #blessed.

    17. When you're hangry.

    18. When you find out some juicy gossip.

    19. When you think it's going to be a silent fart but it isn't.

    20. When you don't know how to smile.

    21. When you see your coworkers grinding.

    22. When you literally can't even.

    23. When the 8th drink hits you.

    24. When that Pitbull song starts playing.

    25. When you get stuck in the middle of a mosh pit.

    26. When you're trying to read someone's mind.

    27. And when you realize what you did last night.