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    18 Beautiful Latin American Beaches That You Need To Go Visit Right Now

    Time to pack your bags and go!

    1. Ipanema

    Where? Brazil.

    Why go? This is one of the most famous beaches in Brazil because of the great surfing its waters provide.

    2. Tayrona National Park

    Where? Colombia.

    Why go? This is a beautiful nature reserve that has a lot to offer. Between its gorgeous white-sand beaches and crystal clear water, it is impossible not to feel relaxed while you are in a place filled with so much beauty and tranquility.

    3. Cancún

    Where?: Mexico.

    Why go? This is one of the most luxurious resort towns in the Caribbean. Here you will find beautiful beaches, exclusive hotels, and great eats — as well as a perfect equilibrium between nature and nightlife.

    4. Playa del Carmen

    Where? Mexico.

    Why go? This is one of the most-visited places in the Mayan Riviera. Here you will find the famous Quinta Avenida, which is a must-see. Quinta Avenida runs parallel to the Mexican coastline and it is filled with restaurants, bars, clothing shops, tour agencies, and anything you might need to make your stay at Playa del Carmen a memorable one.

    5. Roatán

    Where? Honduras.

    Why go? Here you will find everything you need to have the most spectacular and relaxing vacations ever. In addition to its beautiful white-sanded beaches and hills filled with tropical jungles, Roatán has a diverse and unique coral reef that you have to see to believe.

    6. Malpaís

    Where? Costa Rica.

    Why go? This is a town located in the Nicoya Peninsula, which is known for being an excellent place to surf — although this beach is more of a hidden treasure because it is not a part of Guanacaste and transportation is limited. But those who do decide to take the long trip to Malpaís know it is super worth it.

    7. Monterrico

    Where? Guatemala.

    Why go? Known as the best beach in Guatemala, this black-sanded paradise is a place you can't miss if you travel to the land of eternal spring. Besides its unique volcanic sand color, Monterrico is filled also with great restaurants and fun nightlife.

    8. San Andres Island

    Where? Colombia.

    Why go? The white-sand beach and calm water that has no waves make this the perfect oasis for anyone who is looking for complete relaxation. Also, this island has amazing weather and many hotels and spas where you will be treated like royalty. What more could you want?

    9. Tulum Beach

    Where? Mexico.

    Why go? This spectacular beach is a mix of white sand and crystal clear waters — and it's also an archeological Mayan site. Tulum is the perfect place for tourists who want to relax but also want to learn a bit more about Mayan culture.

    10. Barra da Lagoa

    Where? Brazil.

    Why go? If you're looking to relax during the day and party all night, this is the perfect place for you. During the day you can enjoy the beautiful beach, surrounded by green areas and light blue waters, while you wait for the multicolored sunset. Afterward, you can go out at night and enjoy some reggae music in any of the local bars.

    11. Anakena

    Where?: Chile.

    Why go? This beautiful small beach, which is filled with white sand and shells, does not only attract tourists because of its scenic views: Anakena is a part of the Easter Islands, or Rapa Nui, where you can enjoy great eats and beauty, but most importantly, find unique and peculiar sculptures that have been placed around the island dating back to many years ago.

    12. Little Corn Island

    Where? Nicaragua.

    Why go? Called one of the best-kept secrets of the Caribbean, Little Corn Island is the perfect place for a vacation. Besides the fact that this island is virtually unknown by many, the surrounding hotels are famous for providing some of the best hospitality and service in the world. Here you will find an exclusive place where your only worry will be how much sun you decide to take in during the day.

    13. Baia do Sancho

    Where? Brazil.

    Why go? This beach has been named one of the best in the world. In addition to its beautiful multi shades of aqua water, this beach has amazing coral reefs and a tranquility that you can breath in the air. What makes this scenic beach even more desirable is the fact that getting there requires some serious work. But once you arrive, you will understand why the long commute is way worth it.

    14. Baia dos Porcos

    Where? Brazil.

    Why go? This beach's beautiful panoramic views are incomparable. Here you will find the perfect balance of nature and relaxation.

    15. Arraial do Cabo

    Where? Brazil.

    Why go? This place is considered one of the most exotic and unique beaches in Brazil. Its blue waters, green mountains, and white beaches make this location look like a real-life postcard.

    16. Cabo San Lucas

    Where? Mexico.

    Why go? Cabo San Lucas is known for its party environment, especially at night. The nightlife is what attracts most tourists, but its beautiful beach and the famous Arch of San Lucas are things you can't miss when you visit this magical place.

    17. Bocas del Toro

    Where? Panama.

    Why go? With fauna and flora that doesn't exist anywhere else in the planet, this is the perfect place to go to find yourself. It's one of the best locations to snorkel in the world, and you'll find a wide array of activities to choose from while you're here. Additionally, the sunsets you'll find in Bocas del Toro are incomparable to anything you'll see elsewhere.

    18. Punta del Este

    Where? Uruguay.

    Why go? One of the most indescribable places in the entire world, this beach provides the perfect combination of nightlife and crystal clear waters. This spa city is called the St. Tropez of Latin America — for its extremely exclusive parties and because the beach is perfect for tanning and surfing.