15 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Attractive But Not Photogenic

    Your Tinder dates are always surprised when they meet you.

    1. You know you're attractive in real life.

    2. But you look terrible in photos.

    3. You hate those people who look perfect in EVERY photo.

    4. You've left the house wearing the "perfect" outfit and feeling great, but then you see a photo of yourself and you wonder how you managed to go outside looking so awful.

    5. Sometimes you feel like your eyes are your worst enemies.

    6. For some reason, your face inexplicably changes at the exact moment someone wants to take your picture.

    7. Your biggest burden are those disposable film cameras, because you can't inspect and erase the pictures someone takes of you.

    8. Taking a good selfie is your life's biggest challenge.

    9. Because of that, your selfie album is full of failed attempts taken in the quest for the perfect photo.

    10. Your best angle is as far away as the photographer can get.

    11. Or maybe the photos where your face is blurry.

    12. In case of emergencies, you know you can just resort to covering your face before someone can manage to snap a photo of you.

    13. When you finally take a good photo, you make it your profile pic on all your social media accounts.

    14. You've become an expert at adding filters to your photos, even though you know that filters can't fix anything.

    15. But at least your Tinder matches are always impressed when they meet you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯