9 Terrifying Things Down At Fraggle Rock

Not everything in Fraggle Rock is worth dancing and singing over. Dance your cares away? More like scare your pants away, if Fraggles wore pants, which they don’t.

1. The Beast of Blue Rock

Not all that glitters is good! Blue Rock is a magical (even more so than usual) cave that only appears two days after the Doozer Equinox. It is home of a horrible beast that Gobo ‘accidentally’ disturbs with a pickax. In actuality the beast is just a metaphor for fear but that’s not important.

2. The Terrible Tunnel

How terrible is this tunnel you ask? Do you see how SERIOUS this Fraggle is? Because that’s how SERIOUS this tunnel is. This tunnel will call to you, eat you, and you will never be seen again!

3. Glob

This veiny, eyeless horror rolls into Fraggle Rock and starts swallowing Doozers without provocation and without mercy. Thankfully, after telling it several jokes, it laughs so hard the victims are regurgitated to safety.

4. Pebble Pox

Pebble Pox are essentially the Chicken Pox of the Fraggle world. Classic symptoms include: red bumps, fever, ticklish teeth, frizzy fur, achy tail, and hallucinations. Things get a little intense when Wembley thinks he’s going to die.

5. The Genie

Put this genie back in the bottle because he rubs everyone the wrong way. This jerk of a genie grants mischief not wishes.

6. Killer Souffle

*snickers* First, this is the kind of thing that happens when you fail to do the cooking by the book. Second, why so pulsating and flesh colored?

7. Wander Mcmooch

Find you. Bind you. Grind you. That’s what Wander McMooch says he’s going to do you in the song ‘Manic McMooch’ . This guy is straight up dark and sadistic!

8. Begoony

Don’t let the cuteness fool you this rabbit has issues. Out of fear of abandonment Begoony shrinks Mokey fraggle so she can never leave him.

9. The Poison Cackler

Hands down the most terrifying creature in all the rock. This scorpion/deranged octopus is stalking a fraggle wizard that looks like poor Wembley’s doppelganger. The wizard switches place with Wembley, letting him fall prey to the Cackler. In reality this guy is just hungry for the wizard’s smoke screen pellets. Makes no difference this maniac eats fireworks!

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