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entertainium • One year ago

Nicki In Paris

Nicki Minaj must be mom because she is LITERALLY giving us life in Paris.

entertainium • 2 years ago

This Dog Nails Past Iconic Oscars Looks

Forget the red carpet with these basics! Elite Daily dropped the best video featuring Gussybugg! The cute pug-terrier reminds us just how glamourous (and sometimes, zany) past looks were from previous Oscars Red Carpet.

entertainium • 2 years ago

The Beauty And The Beast Casting Is Accurate AF!

We are just a few weeks away from the live-action adaptation of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. One can't help but notice that the casting for this film is absolutely perfect! Let's take a look at the lead cast as their animated doppelgangers.

entertainium • 2 years ago

A List Of Things Rihanna Did At The Grammys

Queen of giving zero fucks.

Kristin Harris • 2 years ago

Melissa McCarthy Played The White House Press Secretary On "SNL" And OMG

"I'm not here to be your buddy. I'm here to swallow gum, I'm here to take names."

Salvador Hernandez • 2 years ago

Lady Gaga Pre-Super Bowl Instagram Posts Are Life!!

Monsters are ready to support Lady Gaga at tonight's 51st Super Bowl's Half Time show! And judging from her IG posts, we are going to need more than two paws up!

entertainium • 2 years ago
Gena-mour Barrett • 2 years ago

Super Bowl? Puppy Bowl? How About A Bunny Bowl??

Because the Puppy Bowl is played out and you literally watch the Super Bowl for the halftime show. We have our paws up for these little guys. On Friday, Annie's Homegrown launched their first Bunny Bowl.

entertainium • 2 years ago

Ed Sheeran Drops The Shape Of You Music Video And We Weren't Ready!

Because dude got buff! And is shirtless. And is totally bae.

entertainium • 2 years ago
Julia Reinstein • 2 years ago

BREAKING: Bey Is Pregnant With Twins

"blessed two times over"

entertainium • 2 years ago
madelinescott • 2 years ago

19 Dramatic Hair Transformations That Prove Curly Hair Is Amazing AF

These 'dos make every curl struggle worth it.

Essence Gant • 2 years ago

Couples Killing It At The SAG Awards!

Conscious coupling during cuffin' season just got more legit when these gorgeous duos attended the SAG Awards.

entertainium • 2 years ago

Here's Kim Kardashian's Account Of The Robbery

The report features Kim's first-hand account of the armed robbery.

Ellie Woodward • 2 years ago

Moments Of Zen With Jon Stewart

Retirepocalypse 2015 is among us.

entertainium • 4 years ago
Scott Bryan • 4 years ago

18 Disney Moments That Are Way Too Real For Desi Girls

Strict parents, rishtas, and DRAMA.

Imaan Sheikh • 4 years ago

20 Celebrities Rocking Awesome Three-Names Name.

You were so nice they had to name you thrice!

entertainium • 4 years ago