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Why Are We So Addicted To Disney's Frozen?

Ever since Disney's latest princess movie, Frozen, came to theaters in November, the world seemed completely enthralled with it, but what makes this movie so special?

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Frozen is centered around two sisters, Elsa and Anna, who are struggling to understand each other.

Anna is not your typical Disney princess


While many Disney princess wake up looking flawless, Anna looks probably more like what we look like when we wake up.

She is also awkward and clumsy, which are qualities we can all relate to!


Elsa feels like an outcast because of the gift she was given.

But she is a strong and independent woman.

Kristoff is adorable, goofy, and extremely compassionate.

He is not your typical Disney love interest.


He is a clumsy ice harvester whose best friend is a reindeer, but he has completely stolen your heart with his sassy looks and sweet disposition.

Prince Hans is definitely not your stereotypical Disney villain.


Anna falls for Hans because of his good looks and suave personality but quickly learns that love does not happen instantaneously.

Olaf is arguably the most lovable side kick ever.

And definitely has some of the best lines.

Frozen also teaches many important lessons:

True love is the most powerful thing we have,


This is a typical Disney theme, but in Frozen is approached in a completely different way. Anna's true love is not her prince, but rather her sister.

We should go to the ends of the earth for the people we love,


Anna drops everything to go and bring back her sister. In the end, Anna is willing to give her life to save her sister's, an act of true love.

And do not be fooled by good looks.


Anna is initially infatuated by Prince Hans because of his flirty behavior and good looks, but all Hans wanted was to take over the kingdom. We have to guard our hearts and wait for a person who truly loves us, not the first attractive person who comes along.

Frozen provided us with a beautiful romance that has captured our hearts.


Kristoff respects Anna as the strong woman that she is. He even asks her permission before he kissed her. *swoon*

It has incredible songs that you will sing over and over with even more incredible vocals.



Frozen has definitely joined a long list of Disney classics that we will watch over and over again.

So now ...


Anyone? Anyone?

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