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    20 Signs You Are In Nursing School

    You can never have enough coffee.

    1. Your friends come to you with all of their medical questions.

    2. You are secretly scared that you will catch MRSA.

    3. You sit around and listen to your own heart or lung sounds.

    4. You watch Grey's Anatomy even though you know it is completely unrealistic.

    5. You have used "You have great veins" as an ice breaker.

    6. Getting your very own stethoscope was one of your proudest moments.

    7. You might have a slight coffee addiction.

    8. You lie to patients when they ask if you have ever done this before.

    9. This is what all of your textbooks look like:

    10. You wake up when most college students are going to bed.

    11. And you are completely dead by the end of the day.

    12. You have diagnosed yourself with generalized anxiety disorder.

    13. Your love life is non-existant.

    14. You often disgust your non-nursing friends with your stories from clinical.

    15. Hand sanitizer has become your best friend.

    16. You get very upset when someone tells you that nursing must be easy.

    17. All your friends go out on the weekend without you.

    18. You wish you could wear your scrubs 24/7.

    19. You have nightmares about failing the NCLEX.

    20. Even with all of the stress, there is nothing else you would rather do.