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5 Reasons Facebook Home Needs To Stop Already

Because not even Instagram or Tumblr can save this dog. Click on photos to download the app... you crazy Android lover, you.

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1. Bitmado

There’s already a pretty cool app that delivers shuffling wallpaper to your lockscreen. It’s called bitmado, and it doesn’t spam you with overpriced sandwiches in Mayfair filters (no pun intended for you fried spam sandwich eaters).

2. Quick Launch Social Screen

Quick Launch Social Screen actually lets you add your own social feeds to your lockscreen along with a music widget. So if we want to be bombarded with trivial things from our friends’ daily lives, we’ll do it either more selectively or on a grander scale.

4. SF Launcher Beta

SF Beta Launcher lets you beautifully customize your homescreen to fit your lifestyle with, yup, social media widgets. Even the beta version of this app rocks better than Facebook Home.

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