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What Would Happen If The Cast Of The Hills Clashed With The Cast Of Vanderpump Rules

LA is a small town, and even smaller in the world of Reality TV. As an unapologetic lover of almost all things Reality, I found myself wondering what would happen if the reality pioneers of MTV's The Hills existed in the same time frame as Bravo's Vanderpump Rules. Here's what I picture this reality mash-up to look like:

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It would be Stassi vs. Kristen Cavallari for Queen Bitch

& I'm not sure who would win.

Lauren & Jax would date, & he would break her heart

Lo & Katie would bond over their sidekick status

There would be a toss up between Speidi & Tom & Kristen for most toxic couple

Whitney Port & Ariana Madix would represent the classy, cool girls.

Stassi would give Lauren lessons on dealing with heartbeak

Take notes, LC!

Audrina & Kristen would be in the "bitter and not over it" club and would meet up to vent over wine

Jayde Nicole & Scheana Marie would be the resident brunettes causing drama

And all of this would make an amazing super-reality show. We would not be able to tear our eyes away from the screen for one moment for fear of missing a second of the delicious, petty drama.

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