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    15 Amazing Poets You Should Be Following On Instagram

    Poetry is making a huge comeback in the age of viral videos and gifs, and Instagram is largely to thank for that. Many talented writers have received massive notoriety due to their followers on Instagram, liking and sharing their beautiful words. If you are a lover of words, here are some poets you should definitely be following:

    1. Christopher Poindexter- @ChristopherPoindexter

    2. Marisa B. Crane- @Marisa_Crane

    3. Amanda Torroni- @AmandaTorroni

    4. Michael Xavier- @Michael_Xavier_writer

    5. Adrian Hendryx- @AdrianHendryx

    6. Kat Savage- @Kat.savage

    7. Joe Straynge- @Joestraynge

    8. Atticus- @Atticuspoetry

    9. Tyler Kent White- @Tylerkentwhite

    10. J.R.Rouge- @J.r.rouge

    11. K.K. Meade- @kk.meade

    12. Courtney Blackstone- @CourtneyBlackstone

    13. Liv Armell- @Livlately

    14. RM Broderick- @R.M.Broderick

    15. Erin Van Vuren- @Papercrumbs