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Jessica D.

I am a fun-loving, strawbrryblonde who cannot live without music. I blast The Beatles, Coldplay, and anything else that captures my heart until my ears bleed. I LOVE my life to pieces, and would not change it for anything. Well...I would move back to Seattle in a heartbeat if I had the chance. I obsess over everything, which makes me wickedly awesome with useless information. I'll humiliate you at Scene It and Trivial Pursuit. But don't ever ask me to play Guitar Hero...I don't have hand/eye cooridination worth a damn. I adore the 50's and 60's. Marilyn Monroe and I share the same birthday, and I love her. I've been to the Rock hall over 20 times and can walk through it with my eyes closed, but I wouldn't. If i don't mention i was on stage with Buffett when I was 9 my dad will. Um what else... I also love: Pattie Boyd and Jane Asher ( Beatles girls...) Grace Kelly, Marlon Brando, Frankie, Dean Martin, and even though he's not a 60's boy, Edward Norton melts my heart. I am fascinated with true crime...and Ted Bundy intrigues me. I read books like they are going out of style: I heart James Joyce & Oscar Wilde. My heart has been stolen...and I am never giving it back. This is the happiest I have ever been and I'm never looking back

Sep 2009
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