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Nov 2015
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    Pinkynugget commented on Interracial Couples — Tell Us What People Would Never Guess About Your Lives

    I’m Mexican and my husband is Chinese. I’ve had people ask me how much I make nannying the cute Asian babies, especially since I’m teaching them how to speak Spanish. When I say I’m their mom, I get the follow up question of where did I adopt them from. My husband never gets these… 

    6 months ago

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    Pinkynugget commented on Have You Ever Had A Creepy Premonition?

    I had a dream I was in a terrible car crash on my way home from work. In my dream, some red car blew a red light and hit my car so hard that I hit the guy next me, who hit the guy next to him and made him crash into a poll. I woke up freaking out. A week later, I was sitting at a… 

    4 years ago

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