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    I Asked People For Their Thoughts On Some Of Life's Big Debates, And Here's What They Said

    These are all very important questions I'll have you know.

    1. First up, the classic – does the teabag go in first or the milk? The way I see it, I can't imagine adding the milk first, it just kinda feels wrong IMO. As a tea connoisseur, I was a little concerned when I asked my fiancΓ© what he thought in case I'd been living a lie and he'd been making my tea with a splash of milk first...

    Jess Brunt / BuzzFeed

    I asked my other half: 'It's always the teabag first for me. Coffee on the other hand is a different matter IMO – the milk always goes in with the granules, and the water gets poured on after.'

    πŸ†Who's the winner? I'm sorry, but there is no contest here for me.

    2. My mind was actually full-on blown when my fiancΓ© suggested that the way people say their phone number differs. Apparently people either say it in a 5-3-3 formation, or a 4-4-3.

    Maskot / Getty Images

    I asked a colleague: Well, we have another contender in the shape of 3-3-2-3! 

    πŸ†Who's the winner? Who knows, but I can pretty much guarantee you've just tried all of them in your head to see which sounds right.

    3. Next up, a debate I never gave much thought to previously but now I'm seriously invested. Do you shower facing the water or away from it? Now here's why this one intrigues me – as someone with long hair, would it not make sense for me to shower facing the water to avoid getting my locks wet? The reality is though, that I have always showered facing away from the water. Could this be a revelation for me?

    Maridav / Getty Images/iStockphoto

    I asked a pal who has their life sorted: 'I usually face the shower, but it depends if you wash your face in the shower or do it separately I guess. It also depends if I'm washing my hair, because if I am then I'll face away from the water for easy rinsing.'

    πŸ†Who's the winner? I actually think this debate has beaten me. Thanks to some very solid arguments, I think we may have to accept that there's a time and a place for both.

    4. Continuing on the shower related theme, if you have long hair then I want to know whether you lather the shampoo through all of your hair, or whether you wash your scalp and let the product trickle down? For this one, I asked my friend with super lush hair so we can all (hopefully) have some of what she's got...

    Dimensions / Getty Images/iStockphoto

    I asked my beauty-loving friend: 'I wash the scalp and use the shampoo suds just to wash the ends.'

    πŸ†Who's the winner? I'm about to save myself a whole lotta shampoo, and a whole lotta hassle by the sounds of it, because I've decided those leftover suds are gonna sort me right out too from now on.

    5. I'm a little nervous to bring up the next one, because people are actually veeerrrryyyy passionate about it. Does the jam go on the scone first, or the cream?

    Debby Lewis-harrison / Getty Images/Image Source

    I asked a my auntie: Never one to mince her words, the answer was definitive and final 'jam.'

    πŸ†Who's the winner? I mean, I'm too scared to argue.

    6. And, another for the foodies – should egg yolks be runny or solid? I'm firmly in camp runny, but I know some people literally would rather be buried alive than eat a dippy egg.

    Jody Louie Took This Picture / Getty Images

    I asked my brother: 'Definitely runny, but my girlfriend will tell you the opposite.'

    πŸ†Who's the winner? Here's my question, if you don't have a runny yolk, what do you dip your toast in? Asking for a friend.

    7. Next up, if you're a Pornstar Martini drinker, do you shot the Prosecco or pour it into the drink? For this one, it's time to bring in the experts – my cocktail loving BFFs.

    Matthew Atherden / Getty Images/iStockphoto

    I asked two of my cocktail sipping friends: 'Pour it in all the way. We did used to think it was an extra shot to do on the side though.'

    πŸ†Who's the winner? I'm going with pour because they've never let me down before.

    8. Now, I'm asking you to put these things into the order that you do them in: getting dressed, doing makeup, and styling your hair.

    Cicy / Getty Images

    I asked the person I know who takes the longest to get ready: Without a doubt it's makeup first, then hair, then getting dressed. There's logic behind it too – you don't want makeup on your clothes (though I guess this could happen anyway if you're pulling something over your head). Plus, if you pull your hair back from your face to do your makeup, it makes sense to style it after.

    πŸ†Who's the winner? I totally agree with this order, however it did get me thinking of the practicality of it – why would you want to pull a top over your freshly styled 'do? I need help with this one – let me know in the comments what you do!

    9. Which is more comfy – sleeping on your back or snoozing on your side? At the risk of sitting firmly on the fence, I think I'm one of those rare creatures who does both. To settle the debate, I needed to ask some people who are super passionate about this topic to give us their opinion...

    Luis Alvarez / Getty Images

    I asked my teammates: This caused quite the debate, so here are some of the answers...

    'I hate sleeping on my back! Every time I wake up from a nightmare I'm on my back, and I feel like rolling onto my back causes the nightmares.'

    'I sleep on my side but i strongly prefer to sleep on my back sometimes with my hands across my chest like a vampire in a coffin.'

    'I'm a side sleeper all the way, I feel like if I'm lying on my back I'm gonna be buried alive or something. Lying on my back feels to exposed, it feels much safer being curled up on my side.'

    'Am I late to this party? Sorry it's 'cos I was too comfortable lying on my front – the only acceptable position.'

    'I'm like a front/side hybrid kinda gal.'

    πŸ†Who's the winner? I think it's a firm victory for the combo/side sleepers!

    10. Tea drinkers, this is your moment to shine. Do you dunk the biscuit or do you eat and sip separately? I knew we needed someone with some serious foodie insight here, so I texted my teapot-owning, fancy mug-using friend to ask for her thoughts. As ever, she didn't disappoint...

    Jess Brunt / BuzzFeed

    I asked the foodie friend: 'Eat them separately always, otherwise you have a soggy biscuit.'

    πŸ†Who's the winner? I'm convinced that nobody likes a soggy chocolate digestive.

    11. Where do we stand on trousers before socks or socks before trousers? This one got suggested to me as I chatted to a workmate, so here goes...

    Photoalto / Getty Images/PhotoAlto

    What do we think: My workmate proudly exclaimed 'I'm socks before trousers' which got me thinking, why am I trousers before socks? Probably because I'm constantly back and forth to the bathroom and there's something quite illegal-feeling about a cold, wet, sock.

    πŸ†Who's the winner? On the basis of the potential for wet sock gate, I'm taking control of this one.

    12. Finally, a festive one – do you open your advent calendar in the morning or the evening? This one needed us to bring in some seriously experienced advisors...four of my favourite little ones, and I think I know what their answer will be...

    Jess Brunt / BuzzFeed

    Choccie loving kids: 'IN THE MORNING – DUH!'

    πŸ†Who's the winner? If you're that person who can wait until the evening, please give me even an ounce of your willpower.

    What do you think? Let me know in the comments which side you're on!