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    65 Of The Best Valentine's Day Gifts From Amazon To Give In 2022

    Be still my beating heart.

    1. This passionfruit massage oil candle is perfect for a romantic night in.

    2. If your Valentine is your pooch, then this set of two heart toys are super cute.

    3. And for their Valentine's Day walk, there's this heart-adorned collar and lead set!

    4. I've had these ultra-tasty pink champagne truffles before and let me just say, they're little balls of luxury!

    5. How pretty are these square iridescent flutes?

    6. If your S.O loves to cook, then grab them this reasonably-priced personalised chopping board and thank me later.

    7. These dainty friendship necklaces are a total steal if your bestie is your partner in crime!

    8. Or there's this super sweet one that has heart and key shaped charms!

    9. These heart-shaped double walled glass mugs can be used on Valentine's Day and beyond.

    10. Relive your fave relationship memories by filling in this 'what I love about you' book that went viral on TikTok. It's my fiancé's fave prezzie to date!

    11. And this 'a year of us' couples journal gives you a question a day to spark meaningful conversations.

    12. My heart skipped a beat when I saw this neon sign!

    13. Or this neon lip sign will give your home a little Valentine's makeover. I mean would you just LOOK at the price of it too?

    14. These totally adorable bath melts are ideal for a Valentine's soak.

    15. This ultra-fancy Le Creuset casserole dish is a splurge-worthy treat.

    16. And you can raise a toast with these super pretty glasses.

    17. If they love a nice-smelling home, then this Valentine's fragrance oil set includes a chocolate and strawberry scent.

    18. This fun mug set is ideal for your Valentine's morning cuppa.

    19. And they won't have to leave their duvet for breakfast if you nab them this handy bed tray.

    20. If they love a long soak, then this bamboo bath tray will upgrade their pamper time too.

    21. And just imagine popping this cute jojoba, vanilla, and almond oil bath set on top!

    22. These 'kissing' mugs are perfect for the couple who just can't stand to be separated!

    23. I'm obsessed with this adorable 'love you to the moon and back' bracelet that they could stack or wear alone.

    24. And if your bestie is single this Valentine's, I adore this delicate 'partners in wine' version too.

    25. If, like me, they're a sucker for cute packaging, then these totally tasty chocolates are practically foolproof.

    26. If you're not good with words, then treat them to this adorable little sign that says it all for you.

    27. And this rustic-looking photo frame will warm their heart.

    28. If you fancy a non-soppy read, then I highly recommend this everything I know about love book that talks about bad dates and best friends.

    29. Show me fancier chocolates than this set of luxe-looking planets. They come in unusual flavours such as chilli and cherry ganache, peachy cream, and mocha cream – delish!

    30. If you appreciate a good card, then this adorable one will let them know how you really feel.

    31. If they love jaffa cakes, then this tasty gin is a gift they probably won't be expecting!

    32. You practically have to treat your single bestie to this lil' pizza plushie. I don't make the rules.

    33. I was shook when I realised you could get a blanket personalised with your loved one's fave photos!

    34. I'm obsessed with the name of this 'knotty but nice' massage oil. It contains ylang ylang and patchouli to stimulate the senses, and grapeseed oil to leave them feeling silky smooth.

    35. You'll never get your towels confused again when you treat them to this personalised bath one.

    36. Plus, there's also this personalised bathrobe that'll set you back just over £20.

    37. If they're a candle lover, then this 'snow in love' large Yankee candle jar is perfect for a cosy night in.

    38. These super pretty flowers have a huge 4.9-star average rating.

    39. If you're staying in for a movie night, then this mini projector would be a gift they'll get loads of use from.

    40. And you can announce which film is playing with this cinematic light box.

    41. Do drinks bottles come any more bougie than this rosé sparkling wine? It boasts a 4.8-star average rating, FYI.

    42. And if they don't drink alcohol, then this non-alcoholic sparkling wine is a great alternative.

    43. If you and your S.O have a special song that carries a lot of meaning, then this unusual personalised print includes an image of a sound wave from a tune of your choice.

    44. Make their day with these capsule messages. You can add little notes inside showing them exactly why you love them.

    45. Set the mood with this romantic sunset lamp. It mimics the colours of a super pretty skyline.

    46. Remind them you are *the gift* with this pretty lingerie set.

    47. If you're a cuddler, set the mood with this fun novelty coaster!

    48. Or for that BFF who is a bestie and a Valentine all rolled into one, there's this adorable coaster.

    49. If the way to their heart is through their stomach, then this bamboo heart serving platter is a must-buy.

    50. Snuggle up together with this fluffy heart shaped cushion.

    51. And I simply can't resist the on-trend brown colour of this faux fur rug.

    52. Got a partner who's a coffee lover? You probably won't be able to resist treating them to these matching spoons!

    53. If pink is their aesthetic, then toasters don't come much prettier than this kitsch one.

    54. Spend the night on the sofa and enjoy this 'our moments' couples conversation-starter set.

    55. If they love homeware, then this jewellery storage tray is super sweet.

    56. This useful silicone wine glass holder sits at the side of the bath tub for the ultimate night in.

    57. And while they're there, they're probably going to need these bath bombs that look like a lil' cake.

    58. You can add a special photo to this matte picture slate.

    59. This TikTok-famous rotating snack box has little trays for the ultimate night-in feast.

    60. Friends fans will probably need to add this cute card to their basket for the Galentine in their life.

    61. If you want to try new things together this year, then this 100 dates scratch-off poster is full of ideas to help you create new memories!

    62. This cute locket necklace looks way spendier than its £9.99 price tag! You can even add a little picture to make it super sentimental.

    63. I can't cope with the accuracy of this fun little card!

    64. If you're in a relationship with a plant parent, then might I suggest this hanging planter?

    65. Finally, these hot chocolate bombes are perfect if you and your S.O prefer a night in front of the TV to a date in a bar.