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    17 Things That Seem Embarrassing But Actually Have No Business Being Cringey

    Why am I like this?

    1. Why is it that every time the waiter asks if your food is okay you've got a mouth full?

    2. And the mortifying moment that someone calls your name out in a waiting room and you have to own that walk to your appointment.

    3. Parking a car while someone waits for you to drive into a space gives me all the awkward vibes.

    4. That dreaded feeling when you're buying an XL pack of toilet roll and you bump into someone you know.

    5. How about when you go in for a hug, and the person goes in for a kiss on the cheek instead? Or you go in for a single kiss, and they go in for the double whammy – ouch!

    6. Oh, and there's always that time when a super kind soul opens the door for you and you're just a teeny bit too far to grab it, so out comes that awkward jog to get there.

    7. I can just feel the pain of that moment when you start speaking on Zoom when your mic is off.

    8. Why is it that most of us would prefer to walk round in circles for an hour rather than asking someone for directions?

    9. Why is walking into a room where you don't know anyone so awkward? Thank goodness for phones!

    10. Why do I cringe at that moment a kind driver stops to let you cross the road and that awkward 'thank you' wave comes out. Extra points if you then run across the road so as not to feel like you're taking too long – ridiculous, I know.

    11. If you have a dog, then please can you tell me why picking up after them while out and about feels so embarrassing?

    12. Who can't feel the agony of that little side-to-side dance you have to do when you and someone else both go to walk the same way at the same time? If you say you've never done this, just know that I don't believe you.

    13. I mean, this one's a classic. Most of us have felt that awful feeling of running for the train, pushing the button for the doors to open, and – whoosh – it leaves the station and the pitying faces glide by through the window. Somehow the embarrassment trumps the inconvenience – absolutely savage.

    14. When you accidentally 'like' someone you don't know that well's picture from their holiday to Majorca with their ex back in 2011. I mean you must have been hacked, right?

    15. When you start telling a story and realise it was a 'you had to be there to find it funny' moment. Shout out to those angels who give you the 'I got your back' laughs. They deserve the world.

    16. That terrifying moment when you're singing along to the radio and the music stops. Just call me Ariana babes.

    17. Who hasn't had that horrible split second when you have to ask someone to repeat themselves for the fifth time because you keep missing what they said. It's probably easier to just nod and hope for the best at this point.