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    • jessicab84 thinks "Lina" is Cute  about 4 years ago
    • jessicab84

      I was not at the inauguration, butIwas present when President Clinton spoke atagraduation ceremony at Princeton University back in the 1990s. Throughout the whole thing, this one woman was screaming this same stuff at the top of her lungs about abortion and dead babies, seemingly without even stopping for breath. She must have been elated at having suchacaptive, silent audience. Never mind that it wasamajor milestone in the graduates’ lives.Iwonder if such people (1) really expect to change anyone’s mind about this issue with their constant yelling, (2) feelastrong need to vent their anger at length in places where they can’t be stopped, or (3) just really getakick out of ruining things for everyone around them. Probably some of each.

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