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    13 Life Lessons From "The Silence Of The Lambs"

    Who knew that a movie about a cannibal could be so helpful?

    1. It's good to remain calm under pressure.

    2. Skin care regimens are oh-so beneficial.

    3. Sometimes it pays to be two-faced.

    4. There's nothing wrong with appreciating fashion.

    5. You should always have give and take.

    6. Self-love is important.

    7. It pays to be careful when choosing your mental health provider.

    8. Reconnecting with people can be great.

    9. Having an interesting name doesn't always work for you.

    10. It's good to stand out.

    11. Patience is key.

    12. It helps to find the humor in tense situations.

    13. You should always take time to enjoy yourself.