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    Here Are 8 "Yellowjackets" Season 2 Predictions And Theories

    Excuse me while I buy some pins and red string for my conspiracy board.

    WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Season 1 of Yellowjackets.

    We're likely not going to see more Yellowjackets until November at the earliest, but that just means we have plenty of time to rewatch the first season, obsess over every detail, and fine-tune all our theories and predictions.

    Before we get into some of those theories and predictions, here are a couple of things we for sure know about Season 2:

    We won't see Jackie (alive) again.

    Teen Jackie sitting on a bed in Yellowjackets

    We will see an adult version of Lottie Matthews.

    Teen Lottie holding a bear heart in Yellowjackets

    Now, on to the predictions and theories!

    1. We'll see some full-blown cannibalism.

    Stills of the cultists on Yellowjackets presumably eating another girl

    2. Speaking of cannibalism...what will happen to Jackie's body?

    Jackie's frozen body on Yellowjackets

    3. Misty and Kevyn will team up to find Natalie.

    A splitscreen of Misty and Kevyn on Yellowjackets

    4. The fate of Shauna's baby will be revealed.

    Taissa asking Shauna if she's pregnant on Yellowjackets

    5. Adam's true identity will be revealed.

    Adam in Yellowjackets

    6. We'll find out what happened to Javi.

    Javi on Yellowjackets

    7. We'll discover who the man in the attic is.

    Still from the Yellowjackets opening credits of a man in the cabin

    8. We'll find out that Van is not only alive, but still in contact with Taissa.

    Taissa and Van in Yellowjackets
    A photo of a door in a basement and another one of a drawing of a woman with red hair

    What are your theories and predictions for Season 2 of Yellowjackets? Tell us in the comments!