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    Everything We Know About "Yellowjackets" Season 2

    Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz...

    WARNING: There are spoilers for Season 1 of Yellowjackets in this post.

    It feels as if it’s been forever since the first season of Yellowjackets ended, and if you're anything like me, you're going through major withdrawal.

    So to tide you over until we get more, here's everything we know about Season 2 of Yellowjackets so far.

    Yes, there will be another season! News broke of the renewal on Dec. 16, 2021.

    So...what sort of surprises?

    That said, the showrunners have answered a few questions, including...

    Is Jackie really dead?

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    Sadly, yes. After spending the night (which ended up being the first snow since the crash) outside, next to a very paltry fire, Jackie (played by Ella Purnell) was discovered frozen to death by Shauna. (Sidenote: Sophie Nelisse, who plays teen Shauna, was absolutely devastating in this scene.)

    Speaking with Vulture after the Season 1 finale, Purnell said, "When I signed up for the pilot, they told me, 'This is a one-season deal. Jackie will die in the finale.'"

    From the sound of it, Purnell would be more than happy to keep the character, well, not alive, but a presence of some sort. She revealed that she'd (unsuccessfully) lobbied for Jackie to live to see Season 2.

    "I definitely was kind of bummed when it finally hit me two and a half years later," she said, adding, "I’d love to come back. Really, I’d love to haunt as many people as I can."

    Fortunately, it sounds as if we'll see Jackie again, one way or another. Lyle all but confirmed that while "Jackie is very much dead in that scene," there is a "possibility of seeing Ella in the future."

    While Jackie's death was shocking, the idea that we haven't seen the last of her is not, considering the number of times adult Shauna had visions or flashbacks of teen Jackie in Season 1.

    What about the rest of the cast?

    Van is definitely one of those survivors.

    lauren ambrose

    Are we finally going to see some cannibalism?

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    The Yellowjackets eating each other has been teased since literally the first episode, but a season later, we still have yet to see any actual cannibalism (though for a minute there, it really seemed as if Travis was about to become the girls' first human meal).

    It turns out the showrunners have been paying attention and know that fans are eager to see the team go all Hannibal Lecter on one another (why do we want to see this so much??). In her interview with the Playlist, Lyle said, "I think that we’re well aware that we’ve maybe tried the viewership’s patience a little bit with our tease of cannibalism in Episode 1, and I’d like to assure everyone that we will not be dragging that out forever, so get ready."

    No, they’re not going to eat Shauna’s baby.

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    If content about eating babies is a hard no for you, don’t worry — in a late-April interview with Jimmy Fallon, Christina Ricci (who plays adult Misty) revealed that she specifically asked the writers if the girls were going to eat the baby, and they said no.

    When will Season 2 start filming?

    so they're gonna start filming around june ?? #yellowjackets

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    Ricci also said in her interview with Fallon that they’ll shoot at the end of August. Just a couple of weeks later, the Yellowjackets showrunners told Variety that they’d been in the writers room for a while now and were "circling a late-summer production start."

    The showrunners later confirmed to the Wrap that production will begin at the end of August.

    All right, so when are we getting Season 2?

    Where will Season 2 be filmed?

    Winter is coming...

    How many episodes will there be in Season 2?

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    A million, I hope? Just kidding (sort of). As of now, no announcements have been made on this front, but now that writing is underway and the season arc is being fleshed out, we'll likely get an update about the episode count soon enough. Who knows? Maybe we'll even get a Stranger Things–style episode-name list drop to obsess over later this year.

    When will we get a Season 2 trailer?

    So, there you have it! We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for news about Season 2, but in the meantime, here are some movies to watch and theories to ponder while you wait for the new season.