If You're On The Fence About Seeing "Violent Night," These Tweets Will Convince You

    It's me, I'm fans.

    Violent Night is officially out in theaters, and ho-ho-holy shit is it good.

    Maybe it's a millennial thing, but there aren't many post-2000s Christmas movies I've been interested in adding to my annual rewatch list.

    Violent Night, though, is definitely one of them. It's well cast — David Harbour once again proves why he's the best at playing grumpy, shouty paternal figures with a heart of gold — and genuinely funny.

    If you're still on the fence about seeing it, here are 19 tweets that explain why you should:


    #ViolentNight is a movie I can absolutely fuck with. This film has such a silly concept but I respect how much it commits to it in every aspect. Also Harbour makes for a fantastic Santa and the action is on point. Potentially a new Christmas classic?

    Universal Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection / Via Twitter: @DeclanMckinney


    david harbour santa repeatedly calls his victims naughty before he kills them in VIOLENT NIGHT and yeah that did it for me

    Twitter: @clarisselou


    ummm VIOLENT NIGHT is the best Christmas I’ve ever seen, sorry. i was SCREAM laughing holy shit this was so good please go see it on the biggest screen possible

    Twitter: @mechamelissa


    #ViolentNight is simply, a Holly, Jolly, good time, filled with brutal action scenes, hilarious comedy as well as plenty of festive spirit. Harbour was a delight and as always @JohnLeguizamo was dynamite. Violent Night is now one of my favourite Christmas movies, period! *90/100

    Allen Fraser / Universal Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection / Via Twitter: @OllyDyche


    The most surprising thing about VIOLENT NIGHT is that it doesn’t just lean on its gimmick. A really strong screenplay, way above average action, characters and relationships and I found compelling, and a killer David Harbour performance. Hard recommend.

    Twitter: @JacobSHall


    Update: go see Violent Night. Trust me. That was the most fun I’ve had in a cinema in as long as I can remember. Also, Santa’s hot now. Thank you David Harbour. https://t.co/TxfcMEL75H

    Twitter: @deathcatch


    Please go see Violent Night. It’s one of the best modern Christmas movies I’ve seen in awhile!!

    Universal Pictures / Via Twitter: @madexposure


    Violent night had no right to be this wholesome and a feel good Christmas movie

    Twitter: @andressaholiday


    WOW! I loved @ViolentNight what a superb film…straight to my annual Christmas number 1. It’s tongue in cheek, it’s funny, it’s violent and it’s got a proper lush (yes I almost cried) Christmas feel. Absolutely loved it!!!!

    Twitter: @Stevey_Panto


    We went to see Violent Night this afternoon. Turns out lots of violence set to various kinds of Christmas music is 150% my thing. It will definitely be in my yearly rotation. 🎅🏻 💥

    Universal Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection / Via Twitter: @AliSeay11


    Whelp, putting Violent Night on the annual watch list. That was just too much damn fun!

    Twitter: @RyanWinslett


    Just had a pretty #violentnight. Lol, saw @ViolentNight and it was awesome!!! It was gruesome, hilarious, & I loved every second of it! @DavidKHarbour did an amazing job and is now my favorite version of Santa Claus!!

    Twitter: @Sub6Snoopy


    VIOLENT NIGHT is so much fun. A nice balance of R-rated violence, foul-mouth comedy, and genuinely sweet, Christmas cheer. David Harbour is perfect in it. Loved it 🎄🎅🔪🩸

    Universal Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection / Via Twitter: @andycompton_


    Violent Night.....not your typical Christmas movie but got to say I loved it 😆. There still is a Christmas message in there along with Santa kicking chestnuts of baddies 😉 😜

    Twitter: @ShawnLightning


    Holy moly. Violent Night was just phenomenal. Modern Day Die-Hard with Home Alone mixed in. It was amazing. Instant Christmas classic. @DavidKHarbour did a fantastic job as Santa, and I WANT A PREQUEL. Gimme more Harbour!Santa lore NOW!!!

    Twitter: @TARDIShitchhike


    You know how sometimes you just get PERFECT casting… that’s David Harbour as Santa Clause. #ViolentNight was bloody, funny and rad as hell!

    Universal Pictures / Via Twitter: @GhostMaseTV


    Twitter: @notoriouscreep


    Ho-ho-ho! Violent Night is an amazing thrill ride for many Christmas and action fans. When you combine Die Hard and Home Alone all in one, you get this classic masterpiece. Great action, great story, awesome gory scenes you will love. And, a strong message for all.

    Twitter: @CBoi70


    #ViolentNight is an instant CHRISTMAS CLASSIC. A bloody, gnarly, & goofy time that brings the laughs, the action, & Especially the Christmas magic! David Harbour is the definitive most realistic Santa Claus you could put into a movie. A must watch this holiday season ❤️☃️

    Twitter: @popetheking

    Have you seen Violent Night? What'd you think of it?