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    17 Cringe-Worthy Moments From Rom-Coms That Keep Me Up At Night

    "It was so painful to watch."

    I love a romantic comedy as much as the next person, but sometimes the secondhand embarrassment becomes so unbearable I just have to look away.

    Here are some very cringey rom-com moments:

    1. Every time The Truth About Cats & Dogs tried to convince us Janeane Garofalo was ugly

    I remember watching "The Truth About Cats and Dogs" and being mind blown that Janeane was supposed to be the tubby undesirable friend. I mean who among us wouldn't compare unfavorably to Uma Thurman but they really made it seem like Janeane's character was Quasimodo.

    Twitter: @xicacha

    2. The You've Got Mail Zabar's scene

    There’s nothing quite as cringe as the supermarket scene in “You’ve Got Mail” where Tom Hanks “charms” the cashier into taking Meg Ryan’s credit card in the cash only line of the super market.

    Twitter: @DrinkerInChief

    3. The 10 Things I Hate About You poem

    Lmao this scene in 10 things I hate about you was big cringe

    Bravo / Via Twitter: @dailygasms

    4. This Never Been Kissed couple

    I’m watching Never Been Kissed after years of not watching it, and this movie is so cringe. Mr. Caulson liked Josie when she was 17, then got mad at her when he found out she was 25? Seems very suspicious.

    Twitter: @1015Camarena

    5. The cardboard cutouts in Coyote Ugly

    The scene in coyote ugly where she strips in front of the Australian dude is so so cringe makes me wna throw something at my TV so it breaks

    Twitter: @h_mbxo

    6. The Bridget Jones's Diary weigh-in scene

    once again becoming shocked and outraged when remembering the enormous deal that was made out of Renee Zellweger becoming fat for Bridget Jones Diary and then seeing that her weight in the film is... 130 pounds

    Twitter: @caitiedelaney

    7. The fatsuit in America's Sweethearts

    The fact that as recently as 2001 we considered Julia Roberts character in America's Sweethearts SO FAT that her "transformation" from like a size 10 was a monumental part of the film is literal insanity.

    Twitter: @JessFortunato

    8. Basically all of Shallow Hal

    @orquidiaarte 'Shallow Hal' is extremely fatphobic and cruel. Even though it's about a fat woman's inner beauty, the movie is full of fat shaming and horrible cliché fat jokes.

    Twitter: @IdaFunkhouser

    9. The broken hairbrush in The Princess Diaries

    That moment of The Princess Diaries that's supposed to be funny, but actually makes me cringe every time: when the hairbrush breaks #tooreal

    Twitter: @marissa_gracie

    10. Melanie getting drunk in Sweet Home Alabama

    watching Sweet Home Alabama for the first time in years & did not remember Melanie getting drunk, & OUTING her old bestie in a crowded bar 🥴

    Twitter: @kcllknrkrt

    11. The Sweetest Thing's impromptu musical number

    I saw "The Sweetest Thing" (2002) for the first time a few weeks ago and that scene at the restaurant when they start singing a song about dicks still haunts me. It was so painful to watch.

    Twitter: @mxxngo

    12. The 13 Going on 30 dance scene

    Nothing makes me quiver with cringe as much as the dancing scene in 13 going on 30

    Twitter: @nightfellduarte

    13. The Love Actually signs

    ngl the love actually scene with the signs makes me cringe so hard, i had to look away

    Twitter: @thunderroadnjh

    14. The beginning of Hitch

    They are showing Hitch on this channel and years later, the opening of the movie is so cringe.

    Twitter: @remimah

    15. The singalong scene in The Holiday

    Watching The Holiday seeing cameron diaz singing mr brightside makes me cringe

    Twitter: @kieraleannew

    16. Jason Segel's whole vibe in Knocked Up

    Jason Segel is so creepy in Knocked Up. I cringe every time he talks.

    NBC / Via Twitter: @JoshMarino420

    17. The nudes in Crazy, Stupid, Love

    Is there a version of Crazy, Stupid, Love that I can watch with the weird babysitter/naked pictures storyline edited out

    Twitter: @topo_chica_

    What rom-com moment do you think is the cringiest? Tell us in the comments!