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9 Things “That ‘90s Show” Got Right About The ‘90s

The sound of dial-up awakened something long dormant in me.

As with any show covering a time period I grew up in, it's impossible to watch That '90s Show and not be on the lookout for references to the decade.

I turned 13 just after the '90s ended so my experience wasn't quite the same as the kids in the That '70s Show reboot, but I caught quite a few references nonetheless:

1. The Technology

kitty and ozzie with a giant desktop computer in that 90s show

2. The Activities

3. The Brands

donna holding a bottle of zima on that 90s show

4. The Hair

5. The Clothes

6. The Reading Material

leia reading sassy magazine on that 90s show

7. The TV Shows

90210 spoof on that 90s show

8. The Movies

jay and leia at the video store in that 90s show

9. The Music

gwen's bedroom on that 90s show

What do you the show got right about the '90s?