12 Hacks And Tips For Making Better Vegan Cookies

    From picking the perfect egg substitute to achieving that perfect crispy-yet-chewy texture.

    Baking cookies is not as easy as it sounds, and when you eliminate eggs and dairy from the equation it gets even harder.

    So we rounded up 12 of our most practical tips for making vegan cookies at home — form picking the right butter substitute to making meringues without eggs — so you can bake delicious vegan cookies at home.

    1. When using non-dairy milk in your cookies, double check that it's unsweetened...

    2. And check your chocolate chip labels, avoiding ones made with milk powder, milk fat, or milk solids.

    3. Memorize your egg substitutes and know which ones are best for what.

    4. Replace whipped egg whites with aquafaba — aka whipped canned chickpea water.

    5. Swap out processed white sugar (which is not always vegan-friendly) with sugar that's labeled "evaporated cane juice/sugar."

    6. For most cookie recipes, swapping butter with coconut oil works well — but not for other baked goods...

    7. And swap honey out for equal parts maple syrup or agave.

    8. For recipes that call for cream cheese (like cheesecake cookies), make a simple replacement using soaked cashews.

    9. Don't overbake your cookies — there's no need to worry about raw eggs, so as soon as they're set, take 'em out.

    10. Invest in an oven thermometer to make sure your cookies turn out just right.

    11. If you're new to vegan baking, stick to recipes that are already vegan and work your way up to creating your own...

    12. And invest in some good vegan baking books to get inspired.