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12 Genius Thanksgiving Cooking Tips From Celebrity Chefs

Tyler Florence's mashed potato hack = genius.

Cooking a Thanksgiving feast can be ~intimidating~...

Here are 12 of their best:

1. Tyler Florence boils his potatoes directly in heavy cream when making mashed potatoes.

2. Julia Child wrapped her turkey in buttery cheesecloth while roasting to give it a deep golden color.

3. Martha Stewart tears her bread into small pieces and dries it out in the oven before making stuffing...

4. And she dry brines her turkey for 24 hours to season it and make sure it stays moist.

5. Wolfgang Puck uses a more traditional method and wet brines his turkey ― letting it soak for four hours before roasting.

6. Ina Garten spikes her gravy with Cognac to give it a subtle kick...

7. While Nigella Lawson adds allspice to hers which gives it an unexpected pop of warm flavor.

8. Jamie Oliver ditches the sad, canned cranberry sauce for a homemade version made with apples.

9. Giada De Laurentiis finishes her turkey with a sweet and savory cranberry orange glaze.

10. Rachel Ray makes her pie crust a month ahead of time to get a head start.

11. Emeril Lagasse makes his stuffing with chorizo to give it a spicy kick.

12. Marcus Samuelsson makes an unexpected variation of apple pie with cheddar cheese and cardamom.

Let's get cooking ― you got this!