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    Here's Why Alton Brown Adds Mayonnaise To His Scrambled Eggs

    Mayo haters, turn away.

    By now you know who Alton Brown is. He's the nerdy-but-brilliant cooking host who has taught us some seriously genius cooking hacks over the years.

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    He's also a seasoned cookbook author — he can do it all!

    Well hold on tight because the king of nerdy cooking has graced us with yet another wacky cooking tip that's going to change your breakfast routine.

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    Get ready for some EGG HACKS.

    In his cookbook, EveryDayCook, Brown shares his tips for making perfect scrambled eggs, including a secret ingredient he swears by: Mayonnaise.

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    Yep, Brown adds a dollop of mayo to his scrambled eggs.

    While some people like to add crème fraîche or heavy cream to their eggs, Brown opts for plain old mayo to give his scrambled eggs a creamy texture.

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    “You’ll never know the mayo is in there until you leave it out,” Brown says.

    So the next time you make scrambled eggs, try adding a dollop of mayonaise to your uncooked eggs before throwing them into the pan.

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    Just whisk it into the eggs right before cooking and watch the magic happen. It'll add a silky texture without changing the flavor, so even mayo-haters won't know it's in there.

    And if you want to check out his book for even more genius cooking hacks, get EveryDayCook on Amazon for $14.99.

    What do you think about adding mayonnise to your scrambled eggs? Ever tried it? Let us know in the comments!

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