11 Cooking Hacks That Are Total BS

    Don't waste your time on these.

    Every year, we try a TON of cooking hacks. And while sometimes they work perfectly, other times, they just don't work at all.

    So here are 11 cooking hacks that totally missed the mark for us.

    1. THE FAIL: Lemon juice and cooking spray don't really prevent avocados from browning.

    2. THE FAIL: Placing a wooden spoon over a pot of boiling water doesn't really prevent it from boiling over.

    3. THE FAIL: Turns out you actually can use soda instead of eggs and oil in boxed cake mix, but it will NOT taste good.

    4. THE FAIL: Using a pen to "push" a cork through a wine bottle instead of using a corkscrew does NOT work (unless you have superhuman strength).

    5. THE FAIL: Boiling potatoes and dropping them in ice water won't make the skin magically peel off.

    6. THE FAIL: Placing frozen food on a magical aluminum tray doesn't make it defrost way faster.

    7. THE FAIL: Adding sparkling wine to scrambled eggs might make them fluffier, but they'll taste like garbage.

    8. THE FAIL: "Magic Cake" (a six-ingredient cake that somehow bakes into three distinct layers) turned out to be not-so-magical.

    9. THE FAIL: Miracle two-minute microwaved English muffins turned out to be anything BUT a legit English muffin.

    10. THE FAIL: Despite what many people say, adding baking soda to water did not make peeling hard-boiled eggs any easier.

    11. THE FAIL: Making a pizza in the microwave sounds MUCH better than it really is.

    But hey, we learned.

    What are some cooking hacks you thought would work, but didn't? Let us know in the comments below!