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Martha Stewart's Weird Scrambled Eggs Hack Has Got People In A Tizzy

I usually trust Martha, but this is pretty weird.

Martha Stewart — TV personality, business woman, and total boss — recently shared her ~unique~ trick for making scrambled eggs that has got people in a tizzy.

Comedy Central

Or as she likes to say, "a very fun way to cook scrambled eggs."

In a short video Tweeted out by Food Network, Stewart demonstrates her egg hack — which starts out pretty standard. She cracks two eggs into a mug, adds some butter, and seasons it up with salt and pepper.

Food Network / Via Twitter: @FoodNetwork

Everything seems fairly normal at first.

But then, Stewart takes her mug of eggs and "steams" them using an espresso machine.

Food Network / Via Twitter: @FoodNetwork

You know that little nozzle that steams milk? That's what she uses to cook her eggs.

She lets them steam for just a few seconds, then serves them over a piece of toast.


"It steams the eggs into the softest, fluffiest scrambled eggs," says Stewart. "These eggs are buttery, and fluffy, and light, and delicious."

While the eggs looked pretty good IMHO, Twitter had some pretty strong reactions to her untraditional cooking method...

Food Network / Via Twitter: @FoodNetwork

Some people thought it was just plain gross...

Martha Stewart just used a espresso steam wand to scramble and cook eggs on @FallonTonight, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so offended/disgusted in my life. Nope. Just no. #OffendedBarista

While others wondered who in the world even owns an espresso machine.

Martha Stewart is on The Tonight Show rn showing how to make scrambled eggs with an espresso machine. “Most people have them now.”

It's a fair question. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Either way, you can check out the full video and judge for yourself:

.@MarthaStewart makes her scrambled eggs with a tool you might not expect. Don't miss Martha judging a breakfast battle on an all-new #Chopped tonight at 9|8c!

  1. So, what do you think of Martha's scrambled eggs technique?

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So, what do you think of Martha's scrambled eggs technique?
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    It's smart and they look pretty tasty, IMHO.
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    I'm indifferent.
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    I don't understand why this is a thing. It seems kinda gross.