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Let Me Draw Your Attention To This Mac 'N' Cheese Drama On Facebook


It has come to my attention that there have been some rather ~controversial~ mac 'n' cheese recipes making the rounds on Facebook over the past few months...

Given that mac 'n' cheese is SACRED, I decided to investigate.

Everything seems to have started with a video clip of chefs taking turns making their own unique (???) versions of mac 'n' cheese.

EXHIBIT A: Mac 'n' cheese with an entire sheet pan of roasted veggies dumped in.

The internet fired back:

EXHIBIT B: This dry AF no-boil sheet tray mac 'n' cheese.

People began to see a pattern:

EXHIBIT C: A recipe for mac 'n' cheese pancakes literally made with pancake batter and leftover mac 'n' cheese.

The internet tried to make sense of it all:

EXHIBIT D: This mac 'n' cheese baked on top of stuffing.

The internet was (once again) not here for it:

THE FINAL STRAW: A video for baked spaghetti and crawfish that was pawned off as mac 'n' cheese.

Although the crime was less offensive (and more confusing that unsettling), the internet called for an end to the madness:

So please, let this be a lesson — LEAVE MAC 'N' CHEESE ALONE.