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14 Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About Gordon Ramsay

Pay attention, you donkey!

1. He's a black belt in karate (and not afraid to throw a punch).

2. He's been asking Bobby Flay to compete against him on Iron Chef for five years.

3. He doesn't watch his own TV shows.

4. His restaurants have a total of seven Michelin stars.

5. There's one thing he will always order if it's on a menu...

6. And one thing that he refuses to eat: frozen dinners.

7. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is the longest-running restaurant in London to hold three Michelin stars.

8. He thinks he can last 60 minutes without swearing.

9. His last meal would be sea bass with a "light sorrel sauce."

10. He's a workaholic.

11. If he wasn't a chef, he would be a Navy SEAL.

12. He is NOT a fan of dinner parties.

13. If he could cook for just one celebrity, it would be Hillary Clinton.

14. He became the head chef of Aubergine (a fine-dining restaurant in London) at only 27 years old.

Keep killing it, chef!