12 Cooking Mistakes You're Probably Making (And How To Avoid Them)

    Because everyone makes mistakes.

    We get it, mistakes happen — especially when it comes to cooking. But learning from those mistakes is what matters.

    So we rounded up 12 of the most common cooking mistakes and what you can do to either prevent them, or fix them.

    1. PROBLEM: You added too much salt to your dish.

    2. PROBLEM: You cut into your chicken and it's still raw in the middle.

    3. PROBLEM: You burnt the bottom of your pot.

    4. PROBLEM: Your fresh greens are wilted and sad.

    5. PROBLEM: Your pasta sticks together.

    6. PROBLEM: Your ground meat isn't browning.

    7. PROBLEM: The juices from your meat run all over your cutting board.

    8. PROBLEM: Your hard-boiled eggs have a weird grey-green ring around the yolk.

    9. PROBLEM: Your melted chocolate turns out dry and clumpy.

    10. PROBLEM: Your cookies always turn out dry and crispy.

    11. PROBLEM: Your sauces and gravies turn out lumpy.

    12. PROBLEM: Your garlic always burns.